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Nutritional Wellness

Vegetables, fruit and grains arranged on a table

Align Spine Health Center, LLC understands the importance of maintaining a healthy body both inside and out. In addition, it is our job to provide top quality products and services to help our patients reach their goals towards living a healthier lifestyle! In today?s ?Fast Food/ Fast Lane? society it is difficult to find the time to eat properly, making it increasingly easy to put on unwanted weight.

This weight can affect our lifestyle in so many ways such as: Joint problems (knee or ankle), High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, decrease in energy, dehydration and Back Pain to name a few. Sometimes all it takes is a loss of 10-20 pounds, to alleviate ailments that continue to plague our daily lives. Dr. Ingram understands this and has developed a program, around lifestyle changes as well as providing solutions for patients that need assistance with these issues.

Pills in one open hand and broccoli in the other

Align Spine Health Center offers nutritional counseling, vitamin supplementation and exercise solutions to help patients change their lifestyle and assist them in losing those unwanted pounds. Losing weight and changing your lifestyle is not an easy endeavor, otherwise we would all be healthy! Take the time today to change your life for the better! If you want to live longer, the key is a healthy lifestyle!

Everyone needs vitamin supplementation it is the food for life! In today?s times the way our food is processed, we have a difficult time digesting food due to increased amounts of additives and preservatives (to prolong the shelf life of food), hormones given to animals to increase production to meet society?s supply and demand, and the heavy use of pesticides sprayed on vegetables. These pesticides, additives and preservatives, and hormones turn into carcinogens, and become increasingly difficult for the body to eliminate. In addition they remove the nutrient value of our food, in most cases leaving us nutrient deficient. That?s why in most cases after we finish eating food, we feel sluggish and lethargic!

In regards to supplements, we must be careful of the type of supplement that we take. Many supplements sold are made with synthetic by-products, which are difficult for the body to break down. Since you are unable to break down these components, you can continue down a road of being nutrient deficient, sluggish, lethargic, and feeling as if you are taking something to be proactive about your health, when in fact, you are not contributing towards improving your health.

The product lines that we offer are vitamins and supplements that are only harvested and processed by plants strictly grown on ORGANIC farms! Be sure that your body is getting what it deserves! Vitamins and supplements as well as weight management products are all available. Please contact our office at 301-562-0390 before placing your order so that we can make sure that you are choosing the right products for you! Lets GO GREEN together!