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Our Services

Greetings from the Align Spine Health Center Staff where you will receive a first class health experience! It is our policy and procedure to provide every patient with top of the line health care services. Listed below is a brief description of the services that we provide at our facility. Please take this time to inform yourself of the many ways that we can be of service to you!




Here is a list of services discussed on this page (please scroll down to read more on each topic):



Every patient that walks into our facility will be subject to a full consultation and health history review. Dr. Ingram will sit with every patient and discuss what brought them into the office i.e. symptoms, past and present health history that may relate to the patient’s current condition, listening to what the patient is experiencing and the impact of the condition in the patient’s daily life, as well as answer preliminary questions, that will help the patient understand the types of methods that can be administered to help them through their current problem.



Every patient is subject to an in-depth examination. Orthopedic examinations are administered to provide specific indications and explanations for positive and or negative results for conditions when they are exacerbated. Each orthopedic examination is tied to a specific area of the nervous system, or muscular system to elicit certain clinical findings. These findings assist the provider with a clear understanding of what bodily structures are involved as well as a proper diagnosis. Neurological examinations are preformed to examine the functionality of isolated tissue structures to determine if an underlying pathology is present. Muscle examinations are preformed in order to find out if the patient’s injuries have affected the integrity of their muscles i.e. if the condition has caused weakness or stability issues.

If deemed medically necessary most patients are sent out for further diagnostic testing, i.e. X-rays, MRI’s etc. These tools can further help Dr. Ingram in formulating a complete diagnosis, and treatment plan.



Once all of the testing is complete and a diagnosis has been determined, Dr. Ingram utilizes the second visit to completely explain the results of the examination and any diagnostic testing that was deemed necessary. This is the time to interact, and answer any questions that may have presented themselves before, during, or after the consultation that may not have been answered, to provide everyone with a full understanding of all issues at hand. It is at this time that Dr. Ingram, will explain a treatment plan that will try to help the patient achieve the best possible results.



Align Spine Health Center does participate with most health insurance plans. We do file patient’s health insurance for reimbursement. As a courtesy to all our patients, we do verify insurance coverage for services that are performed in the office. However we do not have the ability to know everything about every patient’s policy, so it is the patient’s responsibility to inform the office of any issues that may stand in the way of receiving reimbursement from the insurance company.



In addition, Align Spine Health Center also files insurance for some out of network insurance companies. If you do not have insurance, we do have affordable cash plans, so that all can receive treatment. In addition to working with insurance patients, we also work with Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury. We also have relationships with other doctors in the area so that we can administer the most comprehensive care possible.



 We feel at the Align Spine Health Center, LLC that our “insides” should coincide with our “outsides.” When working on the spine, we work to align the structure to achieve better function. Concomitantly, we should make sure that our bodies are well nourished. We provide a comprehensive vitamin line that helps our patients to achieve optimal success! They provide energy, nutrients, and maximal absorption so that our bodies are not deficient of the necessary nutrients needed for survival. For more information please visit the Nutritional Wellness/Weight Management section of our website!



It is essential when out in the world, that our feet are properly protected. At our facility, we custom fit our patients for orthotics. These orthotics are soft and conform to the feet, not only to provide proper stabilization of the three arches of the foot, but to make sure that are knees and pelvis are properly supported. Our feet are shock absorbers, and most times the manufacturer made shoes do not provide consumers with the proper support. Is it any wonder why in today’s age there are so many hip and knee replacements? Make sure that your body is properly supported today! For further information contact our office!



The Chiropractic adjustment is the backbone of our practice! Dr. Ingram will realign the spine (improve the integrity of the structure) to improve overall function. If the spine is aligned properly, the body can function better overall. You will be better equipped physically to deal with what life has to throw at you! A life without physical pain is the best life! For more information please contact the office or refer to the “Why Chiropractic” web page, or the “Frequently Asked Questions” web page.



Dr. Ingram also administers physical therapy in addition to providing the Chiropractic adjustment. Once the alignment is in place, we work on decreasing muscle spasm, pain and swelling, and incorporate spinal strengthening to bring you body back to an optimal state of health.



 One of Dr. Ingram’s specialties is the treatment of scar tissue adhesions. Scar tissue adhesions can develop as a result of trauma, sports injuries and chronic injuries that go improperly treated. Dr. Ingram uses a technique called Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization technique (SASTM) to reduce swelling, pain, and to increase function and or mobilization of the injured area. For more information please click here, and contact the office if you have further questions.




Welcome again to the Align Spine Health Center, hopefully we have provided you with information about how our system can work to help you!

Yours in Health!

Align Spine Health Center